Winter Books ❄

Hello everyone! I know it’s been so long since my last blog post and sadly I have no excuse for not caring my blog. I feel truly sad because of not having enough courage. Every time I tried to write something I always struggle about my thoughts so I stopped trying it after a few weeks. Finally, I am back. To warm things up in these cold winter days, I found some cosy books for you to read! I hope you will like the list and don’t forget to tell me how you felt if you’ll read one of these books.

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The Young Elites – Marie Lu | Book Review

Hello my little bookins -I mean pumpkins but in a bibliophile way, you know; the fall mood
s-, I am back again. I feel like it has been centuries since I’ve write a real book review. Okay I am acting overdramatic but you know what I mean. Even though it is my first review in this blog and also it’s just my third post, I am getting used to this place. Yesterday I was thinking about what to post here and I realized what is better than reviewing your second favourite book? TBH I am currently out of time and this is the best option to keep up with you guys. Enough chatting, let’s jump right into the review.

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Bookhaul (September’16)

Hello lovelies, I am here with my first haul post. This month has been crazy -btw hello Autumn, I’ve missed you- but I got eleven books in total, which is not a bad count I think. Some of them are sent to me from publishers and some of them are my own purchase. Before I start melting your brain, let’s see what I got this month.

I will start from the books that publishers sent to me since they are much more crowded than my own purchases.
First book I want to talk about is Blood Red Road and Rebel Heart by Moira Young. I’ve heard a lot about this series but I’ve never had opportunity to start reading. Someting happened and publisher sents the first two books of the series to me. Also I checked Goodreads reviews and believe me or not, this series has reeaaaaaalllllllyyyyy good amount of fans. I saw the few of my friends’ reviews and that was the moment I knew I will love this series too. Besides I’ve read the first book, I loved it and I can not wait to read other books of the series.
The other two books are from the same publisher. Truth Witch by Susan Dennard and We’ll Never Be Apart by Emiko Jean. Truth Witch is one of my most anticipated books of 2016 and I finally have it. It’s in my TBR list and probably the first book that I’ll read in October.Same thing with We’ll Never Be Apart too, I will read it in October and to be honest I think I will like this one too.

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